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TopFit is a strategic open innovation consortium of health care providers, patient organizations, health insurers, companies and knowledge institutions.

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Impressive progress has been made in recent years in understanding disease processes and the development of new treatment methods. Still, the overall disease burden is enormous and health costs keep increasing. Wouldn’t it be good to be one step ahead of diseases and disease burden and as such gain more healthy life years?


TOPFIT is a strategic open innovation program initiated by Radboud University, Radboudumc, Wageningen University & Research and the University of Twente. Comprising a wide range of partners such as care institutions, companies, insurance companies, municipalities, GGD's, universities of applied sciences and vocational education. The program has a horizon of 10 years and a current annual turnover of 100 million, and aims to be the largest research embedded Citizen Lab and Health Innovation Hub (including public-private innovation platform) in Northern Europe.

The Northern European Gelderland/Overijssel region offers a unique combination of scientific knowledge and business environment in the fields of (medical) technology, nutrition and health and citizen science approach. Thus the TOPFIT focus 'One step ahead ': personalized treatment and services innovations in prevention, risk profiling and early diagnosis, targeted intervention and self-management, to enhance quality of life, economic and social innovations.

One step ahead

Using state-of-the-art methods of combining and integrating novel and innovative technologies with knowledge about life style, health care and nutrition, TOPFIT aims to stop the regression of health to disease.

This integral approach will lead to highly personalized and early intervention-centered solutions in healthcare technology and people’s life style in the full spectrum of health, from prevention and early detection, to targeted treatment and self-management of disease

The payoff is a maximum increase in the quality of life of patients and the best perspective on affordable healthcare in an ageing society.


Two more healthy life years for all citizens by speeding up the new knowledge translation in the social, economic and scientific impact domains.


Citizen Science: Citizens are actively involved in developing new technology for better implementation in society.

Citizen Lab: Developing knowledge and technology infrastructure for citizen science in East Netherlands. Collaboration between researchers and patient organizations, health care organizations and govermental organisations.


Supporting SME’s and start-ups with innovations & digital transformations in healthcare by providing access to:

  • Infrastructure
  • Knowledge
  • End-users
  • Business coaching
  • and more


Collaboration in multi-stakeholder, mission-oriented programs like ‘diabetes’, ‘cardiovascular diseases’, ‘movement disorders’, and ‘healthy brain’. Within these mission programs cross-overs between TOPFIT key instruments, key science domains and key technologies lead to new solutions for preventive healthcare.


3 domains connected: health – tech – food

TOPFIT is set up to connect all relevant stakeholders in the Dutch region of Overijssel and Gelderland wanting to make a lasting impact in health and wellbeing. The consortium is initiated by Wageningen University & Research, Radboud University and the University of Twente, and joined by hospitals, patient organizations, healthcare providers, civil society initiatives, companies and employer’s organizations.

Open for partnership

TOPFIT is actively looking to join forces with diverse (preventive) healthcare providers, companies and initiatives in Gelderland and Overijssel. Are you up for the challenge of taking part in TOPFIT? Contact us with ideas and contact information to: info[at]

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